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Miss Kristin – Whole In My Soul CD
November 21, 2021
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Miss Kristin – Clear CD
February 22, 2022
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Miss Kristin – Woman In Love CD


Love Letter
Happy Home
Dont Ask Dont Tell
Love Buzz
Blue With You
Two People
Love Me Love Me
You Know Where
Sugar Baby
Be There For You
What You Do
Bound By Love

Physical CD where Miss Kristin pens love songs as one who has known both the language and the kiss.  Kristin’s original voice is strong, warm, and unforgettable. It has a quality that expressively sets up camp in the listener’s soul.

UPC  888174015163
“A Woman In Love” takes listeners on a path of relationship enlightenment with organic electronic flavors that delve into the excitement of love with all of the emotions that exist within physical and spiritual realms.
1 Love Letter  3:10
2 Happy Home  3:02
3 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  3:19
4 Love Buzz  3:46
5 Blue With You  3:01
6 Two People  4:03
7 Love Me Love Me  3:27
8 You Know Where  3:27
9 Sugar Baby  3:08
10 Be There for You  3:10
11 What You Do  3:17
12 Bound By Love  4:45