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April 21, 2021
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August 5, 2021
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One World Rendezvous Vol II


Love So True
Promises I
Open Up
Two Way Street
Poetry In Motion
Dream Sleep
Bridge In Time
Call Me Angel
Promises II
Be Your Lovin Self
Work It
Seven Candles
To Be Real

13 distinctive new songs from Miss Kristin that cling to the heart for inspiration.


“One World Rendezvous Vol II” brings more of Kristin’s unique delivery, on 13 new songs which carry an upbeat array of original tracks produced and performed primarily by Kristin.  “One World Rendezvous Volume II” is the second part of a theme from Miss Kristin, where “One World Rendezvous Vol I” hit stores in early 2020.

One World Rendezvous Vol II Track List –

  1. Love So True
  2. Promises I
  3. Open Up
  4. Two Way Street
  5. Poetry In Motion
  6. Dream Sleep
  7. Bridge In Time
  8. Call Me Angel
  9. Promises II
  10. Be Your Lovin Self
  11. Work It
  12. Seven Candles
  13. To Be Real