Miss Kristin

Miss Kristin is an inspiring artist who has been creating her own unique blend of contemporary Circle Of Light, Miss Kristin, Pedderson, Album Cover, Artmusic that appeals to a wide range of listeners since 2002. She has a large catalog of works and brings a plethora of impacting compositions to Big Fuss Records LLC.

Get to know Miss Kristin  the writer, singer and producer first hand by visiting www.misskristin.com .

“Circle Of Light” is  the latest release out June 24th, 2022. Kristin performs instruments and vocals and creates video productions.

“Circle of Light” is a free-flowing, pure heart and soul journey, where Kristin invites listeners inside her world to become one. The tracks have a role to invigorate and revitalize using an organic, modern, and soulful folk sound and style that defies category, but is instantly relatable.

Kristin’s new music release is self-produced. She performs instruments and sings vocals on all songs and confidently blends acoustic guitars with piano, bass, drum programming and percussions to manifest a collection of interesting and poignant tunes.

The thirteen songs on “Circle Of Light” are a journey through Kristin’s experience of abundant living.

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May 23, 2022 Kristin visited Encintas, California and stepped into Mr. Peobody’s to sing a few songs for the locals. Watch “It’s A Love In Baby!” A popluar track from “Whole In My Soul” by
Miss Kristin at Big Fuss Records.