Dreamer, Miss Kristin, Album Art, Cover Art
Miss Kristin – The Dreamer (CD)
August 21, 2021
Miss Kristin, Masterpiece, Cover Art
Miss Kristin – Masterpiece (CD)
August 21, 2021
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Miss Kristin – Clear (CD)


Big Time
All I Need
Helping Love Come
Copacetic Cat
Dangerous Love
A Ship Full Of Fellows
Life In This Clock
Copacetic Cat Bonus Instrumental

Physical CD delivers unique songwriting and vocal performance from Miss Kristin. “Clear” is centered on self confidence and rising higher to doing the best thing, while staying true.


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1 Big Time  4:28
2 All I Need 4:00
3 Clear  3:09
4 Helping Love Come
5. Copacetic Cat  3:30
6. Dangerous Love  3:52
7. A Ship Full of Fellows  4:11
8. Life in This Clock  4:28
9. Affection  3:17
10. Copacetic Cat (Instrumental)  3:29
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