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Miss Kristin – Clear
November 8, 2021
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Miss Kristin – Woman In Love CD
January 21, 2022
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Miss Kristin – Whole In My Soul CD


Whole In My Soul
Can You See?
The Whole World Knows
Its A Love In Baby!
The Voyager
Show Me What Love Is
Loneliness And Poverty
Next Time
Shades Of Grey
I Come Colliding
No Reigns

Physical CD an album of exuberance and energy where Kristin envisioning her own imagination preceding reality; envelops musical life of the sixties and seventies through songwriting intended to expose natural fears, and set at wholeness, the writer herself.


UPC 884501451154

Digital Album Download full of musical diversity.

1 Whole In My Soul  2:24
2 Can You See?  2:27
3 The Whole World Knows  4:45
4 It’s A Love In, Baby!  4:10
5 SuperStar  3:11
6 The Voyager  3:17
7 Show Me What Love Is  3:33
8 Loneliness and Poverty  3:49
9 Next Time  4:22
10 Shades of Grey  4:13
11 I Come Colliding  4:17
12 No Reigns  3:53