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Miss Kristin – The Dreamer
February 15, 2021
Miss Kristin, Love Makes Rules
Miss Kristin – Love Makes All The Rules
February 27, 2021
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Miss Kristin – Ten Years


All For One People
Copasetic Cat
Immigration Song
It’s A Love In Baby
One House Divided
Look To You
A Battle Between
The Whole World Knows
Indian Summer
The Best Of Intentions
Torch Song
Wishing On A Star
Time Won’t Wait
Mr. Wonderful
Be There For You
Dangerous Love
Maybe Someday
Dont Ask Dont Tell
Wonder City
You Devil You

“Ten Years” offers Miss Kristin fans old and new, a poignant capsule of music dedication that exhibits enduring promise.


UPC: 5054316306351

20 favored Miss Kristin tracks that span the course of 10 years of independent music production.

Tracks include:

1. All For One People – March On

2. Copasetic Cat – Winning

3. Immigration Song – Amazing Power

4. It’s A Love In Baby – Whole In My Soul

5. One House Divided – Ribbons & Pearls

6. Look To You – March On

7. A Battle Between – Trouble Child

8. The Whole World Knows – Whole In My Soul

9. Indian Summer – Free

10. The Best Of Intentions – Free

11. Torch Song – The Runner

12. Wishing On A Star – The Dreamer

13. Time Won’t Wait – Masterpiece

14. Mr. Wonderful – The Elephant Groove

15. Be There For You – A Woman In Love

16. Torch Song – The Runner

17. Dangerous Love – Winning

18. Maybe Someday – Masterpiece

19. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – A Woman In Love

20. Wonder City – The Elephant Groove