Ten Years, Miss Kristin, Kristin Pedderson
Miss Kristin – Ten Years
February 27, 2021
Miss Kristin, Woman In Love
Miss Kristin – Woman In Love
February 27, 2021
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Miss Kristin – Love Makes All The Rules


Love Makes All The Rules
Where There Is Funk
Popular Thunder
You Devil You
Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde
Sea Of Love
So Right
Somebody Told Me
A Little Too Late
Weep No More

“Love Makes All the Rules” is tasteful and easy to relate to. The music and lyrics cuddle the emotion and energy behind great love. When in love, everything is different. The day at hand; one’s own strength; and the way people view the world changes.


UPC 889211106806

An original collection of ten inventive funk and soul inspired tracks composed and produced by Miss Kristin Pedderson for Big Fuss Records.

1 Butterfly  3:46
2 Love Makes All the Rules  4:09
3 Where There Is Funk  4:40
4 Popular Thunder  3:42
5 You Devil You  3:30
6 Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde  4:25
7 Sea of Love  3:52
8 So Right  3:24
9 Somebody Told Me  3:04
10 A Little Too Late  3:16
11 Weep No More  3:35