While U Were Out

Sven Kühbauch
August 21, 2017
“Touch The Earth”
Derrik Jordan
August 21, 2017

While U Were Out

The Road - While U Were Out

While U Were Out are Paul Hadler, (vocals, guitars, bass) and Trev Wiles (keyboards, vocals and drums). The pair is from Medway, Kent in the UK. They have been friends for over thirty years. Their single “The Road” has been selected to be featured on “Our Green Earth” Big Fuss Records compilation, which is intended to inspire fans, while raising awareness to do well for the earth and our green planet.

Paul Hadler and Trev Wiles have been earning their living as session musicians. In 2013 they formed While U Were Out and have released two albums to critical acclaim, with WorldWide radio AirPlay. The pair performs only a handful of live gigs every year, however along with their recorded music; they have built a strong and loyal fan base.

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