Songs Of Service Volume I

is a compilation of contemporary song that depicts the life experience and hope of those who serve and have served in the military, including their families. The music is the heart of brave people who fight for our freedom.

Songs For Service Track List

I Am A Soldier – Keith Fellows

Keith is a songwriter who composes in several genres. “I Am A Soldier” is a profound composition that many service men and women, can identify with. The song depicts the feelings and fears of every soldier as they go off to war.

Home – The Gillis Silo

Lead singer, Caleb Paul, created the song “Home” considering a soldiers deployment. Soldiers are always telling each other about their plans, for when they return home.  What they’re going to do, what they’re going to eat, who they’re going to see, etc.  It’s those conversations that keep a soldier going.  Getting home is the ultimate goal. Caleb Paul composed “Home” when he was deployed in Afghanistan.  The lyrics are what he hoped his experience would be like when he returned to the United States, and when he returned home, everything happened almost as he had dreamed.

Sacrifice – Nayla Audio

Nayla Audio is a songwriting and production company based in Australia. It is owned and operated by Brett Naylor.  Brett is a two time winner and six time finalist in the Australian Musicoz Awards. He has also been featured in Australian Guitar Magazine. Brett works in many styles of mainstream music including Pop / Rock / Metal & EDM. Nayla Audio also specializes in modern sound design and composition for Film, Television and multiple media outlets.

Warrior – Bellevue Underground featuring Shelley Jennings

Bellevue Underground was formed in 2014. The group is the musical creativity and talents of longtime friends Jeff Marshall and Rick Johnson.  Currently based in the Northeast USA, Jeff and Rick create meaningful music on an array of topics spanning several different genres.  Bellevue Underground is pleased and honored to utilize the supreme vocal abilities of Shelley Jennings on their track “Warrior”.

Helping Hand – Spontaneous Rhymer

Spontaneous Rhymer is the name of an international project that was created by American songwriter Carolyn Baron, Canadian beatmaker Mark Jeffrey Bos, and British producer David Jones. Helping Hand was written as a thank you note to the brave American, Canadian, and British soldiers who have fought to protect us in many countries around the world.

Come Home Safe – Peter Green

Peter Bryn Green is a musician and song writer from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales in the UK. He started playing shows at the age of 15 and is inspired by Ray Charles, Delbert McClinton, Dan Hicks and all the great Rhythm and Blues artists. Peter was a semi finalist in the U K Song Writing Contest in 2009, with two songs being placed. He achieved success again in 2010 as a Song of the Year semi finalist. He spends much of his time creating songs based on his own experiences and observations of life.  “Come Home Safe” was based on a conversation he had with a young lady, whose partner was a serving soldier. The following day she was driving her partner to an airport where he was flying off to war in Iraq / Afghanistan. She told him that her father was going along as well to give her comfort and moral support.

Forgotten Soldier – Eugene Walker

Eugene Walker is the producer, owner and writer for the Eugene Walker Project (EWP). “Forgotten Soldier” is a powerful country instrumental dedicated to a particular group of soldiers representing our great nation.

Find Tomorrow – Audio Imagery

Audio Imagery is a fluid combination of catchy pop, R&B & hip hop. Influences from the 1970’s onward, from funk to dub step, are apparent in the diversity of the songs produced by the group. The group has performed with Fall Out Boy, The X-Ecutioners, Freeway, Bowling for Soup, Black Thought, Ill Nino, Clipse, Blackalicious and more. Audio Imagery was awarded for being one of the top ten artists out of thousands, by Epic Records in an online battle of the bands. The group is a five time award winner of various music competitions on including a publishing deal with Concord Music Group/Banshee and two time performer at THON, the largest run student philanthropy concert in the world.

Your Veterans – Steve Hawkins

One hundred years ago Steven Hawkins would have chose the horse over the car, the country over the city and the pencil over the revolver.  He would have written novels like Mark Twain, music like Lesley Nelson-Burns and would have spent most nights entertaining family and friends around the campfire.

In today’s modern world, Steven Hawkins travels the country as a truck driver with pen in hand.  As life enters through the windshield, one mile at a time, Steven Hawkins writes simple songs about complex things: family, home, and honor.

You Are The One – Katelyn Kwake

Artist Katelyn Kwake is an American singer-songwriter based out of California. She often works with her songwriter-producer father Tom Kwake (tk). Katelyn is a very versatile artist. She sings and writes in various musical genres including Pop, R&B, Folk, Country, Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music. When Katelyn was 6 years old, she started singing and writing songs with tk. She also performed in many musicals and plays at school while she was growing up. At present, she enjoys working with other artists, beat producers, musicians, and lyricists, from around the world. You Are The One, is one example of this kind of collaboration. The track was co-written by beat producer Michael Warras (CeeQu Beats) located in Germany, lyricist Carolyn Baron, located In Italy, and songwriter-producer tk in the USA . Currently, Katelyn is building her fan base in many countries, and pursuing her goal of making music that people can connect with deeply and love.