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Miss Kristin – March On CD
August 21, 2020
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Miss Kristin – Ribbons And Pearls CD
August 21, 2020
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Miss Kristin – The Runner CD


The Runner
Torch Song
Many Ways To Die
Flim Flam Man
Falling At Your Feet
The Lost Years
Always Been Poor
Yer Beautiful Wife
Its Up To You
Badly Bruised Child
Faithless Heart

Physical CD of “The Runner”, where awakened Kristin wades through the muck and mire of her realizing ego to finally reach the clear water of restoration, freedom and life.

UPC 884501147323  Folk-rock, Alternative/Indie

Miss Kristin instigates change and awakening with heart healthy music on “The Runner”.

1 The Runner 3:43
2 Torch Song 4:16
3 Many Ways To Die 3:25
4 Flim Flam Man 5:45
5 Falling At Your Feet 3:55
6 The Lost Years 4:33
7 Always Been Poor 3:07
8 Yer Beautiful Wife 3:17
9 It’s Up To You 3:25
10 Badly Bruised Child 3:40
11 Faithless Heart 5:16