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August 21, 2020
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Miss Kristin – One World Rendezvous Vol I


Too The Moon
One World Rendezvous
Warrior Souls
Whispering Angels
Only You
Groovy Shoe
Moment To Moment
Hold Your Hand
Five Wounds

Volume I from Miss Kristin mingles unexpected air, pulse, and accord in song.


Over the course of recent years, Kristin has released nineteen full length albums. “One World Rendezvous” Vol I is the twentieth full set of songs published in 2020!

The artist has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Kristin alone. And Kristin’s catalog is comprised of over 2000 songs that are the expressions of a poet and a sage on purpose.

“One World Rendezvous” Vol I is encouraging, dynamic and classic Miss Kristin music.

Track List:

1. Too The Moon
2. One World Rendezvous
3. Stronger
4. Warrior Souls
5. Whispering Angels
6. Only You
7. Groovy Shoe
8. Moment To Moment
9. Hold Your Hand
10. Five Wounds