Free, Miss Kristin, Album Cover Art
Miss Kristin – Free (CD)
August 21, 2021
Miss Kristin, Desert Seas, Album Art
Miss Kristin – Desert Seas (CD)
August 21, 2021
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Miss Kristin – LoveStruck (CD)


Tell The World
Along The Way
Good Luck Be Good
Face The Change
Shine Your Light
Faith Hope Love
Farewell Carousel
The Avenger Comes

Physical CD  (c) Kristin Pedderson 2018 | A melodic journey of passionate indulgence in song.


LoveStruck is deep and sexy, warm and prolific new folk, pop rock music. “Honey and milk are under the tongue, but it is the Spirit within a Kiss that makes us LOVESTRUCK.”

  1. LoveStruck
  2. Tell The World
  3. Souvenirs
  4. Along The Way
  5. Incognito
  6. Good Luck Be Good
  7. Dismayed
  8. Face The Change
  9. Shine Your Light
  10. Faith Hope Love
  11. Farewell Carousel
  12. The Avenger Comes


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