The Dreamer Miss KristinMiss Kristin’s THE DREAMER is already attaining substantial attention and heavy rotation spins. Kristin has long been honing her craft as a musician and producer and has stepped into her own for The Dreamer.
Released April 2014.

‘The Dreamer’ received a very sturdy listener response in its first month on radio. KXRL Radio Los Angeles placed the title track “The Dreamer” in heavy rotation, which is great news.  We believe this timeless Miss Kristin classic collection will excite your listeners.  We invite you to save the entire set for air time at your discretion.

Download album tracks now for your broadcast needs. Right click on the files of your choice and click “save as” to save to your computer. 

All Songs Composed and Produced by Miss Kristin Pedderson

The Dreamer – 3:52 BPM 118   New Age Album Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative

Dreamers hold superpower to tap into a larger realm of the world. “The Dreamer” captures hope and fuels a romanticism toward life. Kristin grabs hold of hope, and uses it as a tool to keep relationships alive and well.

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Circles Around The Sun – 4:08 BPM 118  Soft Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative / Inspirational

When tough times strike and people are mean or destructive to others; LOVE IS all we need, as we do Circles Around The Sun and see the possibility for better times ahead. Be inspired with hope.

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Under A Rock – 4:02 BPM 122    Jazz / Rock / Alternative / AAA

When we see the impossible become possible, and the grandeur of the planet, we break away into the realm of the dreamer, to live safely within the lines of our capability in GLORY.  “Under A Rock” is a daring invitation to experience. 

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Hand Of Love – 2:41 BPM 122    Rock / Pop / AAA

Dreamers see the impossible and reach for it. They wait for love to manifest and trust “”The Hand Of Love” to work in their favor with the romance in life as their lasting guide.

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Wishing On A Star – 4:17 BPM 120 Pop/ AC / Indie

Dreamers hold on to hope and fall in love freely.  They pull flowers apart one petal at a time, all while wishing away their time. Hoping and praying love comes again, and their beloved never gives up. 

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Remember Me – 3:03 BPM 109 Pop / Folk Pop / Indie Pop / Soft Rock

Seeing all positive aspects to life, love and the world The Dreamer has an aversion to cynicism, which is rare, but so needed in our culture. It is a pure love that expects nothing but simply to “Remember Me” when we approach the topic of love.

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Sky Master – 4:54 BPM 103   Rock / Alternative / AAA

Arms open wide, the “Sky Master” experiences every moment as if it’s his last. The “Sky Masster” is most daring and fearless. This is a song of bravery. 

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Heart Song – 2:48 BPM 160 Soft Rock / Pop / Folk

A heart warming question reveals what is important. “Can You Hear My Heart Song”? The heart wishes never to let the impossible define actions. The plea of the “Heart Song” is an already answered prayer. 

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Fun To Believe – 4:39 BPM 115  Easy Listening / Soft Rock

Would you rather have someone who cultivates a culture of risk or a culture of playing it safe? This song teaches us it is “Fun To Believe” in love and all of its offerings. And well worth the risk.

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Fantastico – 3:20 BPM 116  Soft Rock / Pop / indie Folk / Theatrical

Kristin puts the hand in glove, and characterizes a life full of love with imagination and experience, free from any pain or past injury. In “Fantastico” Kristin’s imagination takes you along on the journey of imaginative expression. 

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Gonna Get Better – 2:37 BPM 110  Rock / Pop / AC

Dreamers have hope, and “Gonna Get Better” is relating the message that although we may not have a clear-cut plan, we do have the best direction in love.

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The Island – 4:03 BPM 155   Easy Listening / Soft Rock / Pop / A/C

There is a hope and great place to let go and release all pain.  There is no need to know it all, only a spirit of trust as the journey unfolds. 

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