Songs Of Service Big Fuss Records Compilation
Songs Of Service Released
April 16, 2016
Introducing Allison Cherise
May 18, 2016

Artists To Watch 2016 !


Big Fuss Records is pleased to announce the best new Artists To Watch of 2016!
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Artists To Watch is a multiple genre digital compilation marketed and distributed by Big Fuss Records. We are now accepting song submissions for 2017 in Rock, Pop, Folk, Christian, Punk, New Age, R & B, Soul, Americana, Jazz, Rap and Alternative selections.   No foul language.

We are searching for accomplished productions and exceptional sound.  Radio singles only.  Up to fifteen tracks will be featured. The purpose of the compilation is to promote and assist independent artists with much needed exposure through distribution channels and radio airplay under Big Fuss Records  label and brand.

This does not constitute a record deal although it may possibly lead to one if the label is convinced of an artist’s commitment, material and marketability.  Learn more by visiting Music Xray.