Our contacts are proven through years of personal experience.
When it comes to press and publicity,and your music promotion,
Big Fuss Records works in tandem with NorCal Press to extend your unique style to the masses.

We work in tandem with radio, and the press, to gain you maximum publicity and media coverage. When you have great music, we have the path. We market you through assistance with CD reviews, mentions of upcoming shows, feature stories and radio interviews. Your new release needs more than great music. Big Fuss Records stands behind you on your behalf to bring you the exposure you need to obtain more fans and generate sales.

What WE Do:

Create and prepare an effective press campaign.
Determine your music market.
Tap your ideal audience, utilizing offline and online music portals and social media destinations.
Issue press campaigns via media channels.
TV (television and video producers) Radio (music and program directors) Global And Local Publications (magazines and newspapers)

Booking and Shows 

We strive to  promote your live performance style.
We do our best to place you with like minded artists that compliment your music.