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August 5, 2021
Elephant Groove, Miss Kristin, Album Art
Miss Kristin – Elephant Groove CD
August 21, 2021
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Miss Kristin – Mac Attack CD


Bare Trees
The Derelict
Did You Ever Love Me
Emerald Eyes
Spare Me A Little
The Way I Feel
Child Of Mine
Just Crazy Love
Tweedily Dee

Physical CD – A Miss Kristin Mac Attack – Digital Album Download is ten early Fleetwood Mac songs re-created in a pop/reggae style production that brings new life of love to classic Fleetwood Mac music.


UPC  859702402632

With songs written by Bob Welch, Christine McVie, Danny Kirwin, and Dave Walker, Miss Kristin puts a new spin on old favorites from where they began for this great band in the seventies in a reggae style production.

1 Bare Trees 3:35
2 The Derelict 2:46
3 Did You Ever Love Me 2:45
4 Dissatisfied 3:30
5 Why 2:23
6 Emerald Eyes 3:42
7 Spare Me a Little 3:42
8 The Way I Feel 2:47
9 Child of Mine 4:44
10 Just Crazy Love 3:54
11 Tweedily Dee 0:27