New Music Release from Big Fuss Records;
“One World Rendezvous” by Miss Kristin

“One World Rendezvous” is the new music release from Miss Kristin Pedderson which represents Kristin’s 20 years in independent music creation and publishing.

February 18, 2020 – “One World Rendezvous” (Vol I) by Miss Kristin, is the 20th original full album project for Kristin Pedderson, who is also the owner of Big Fuss Records. Kristin’s latest music release delivers individuality that may seem like an omen, due to the effort arriving in 2020.

Kristin’s prominent songwriting delivers hope, truth, strength and heart to what Kristin sees as a positive and advantaged world. The 10 songs on “One World Rendezvous” are noticeably a rock style production, mixed and mastered by Kristin herself. Kristin also performs many of the instruments on “One World Rendezvous”, while Tom “The Hawk” Landry enters the stage to assist with guitar and bass parts for a handful of transitive tracks.

“One World Rendezvous” opens with “To The Moon” a song where Kristin places her trust in a higher power to go farther than ever before. Kristin’s deep sultry vocal, pads the instrumentation with warmth and richness.  Following that is the title track which almost swirls in an uplifting chorus that is both dynamic and unusual.

As a whole, “One World Rendezvous” is a heartening selection of songs that reveal maturity that comes with experience. At times, the songwriting delves into dark places and brings light, such as in “Only You”; a song about coming to terms with one’s own autonomy and individual existence.

“One World Rendezvous” is available worldwide at streaming and download sites. The new music is also live for listening and acquiring at Big Fuss Records for $9.99. Big Fuss Records suggest listeners be encouraged to purchase and support all music artists in order to allow great music to continue and flourish.

“One World Rendezvous” (Vol I) is a two part volume set.  Volume II is in the works and projected for later this year.

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