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Big Fuss Records is proud to introduce 10 amazing new artists, with songs that express imagination and hope during pandemic times. Stream the new music here and at your favorite online music retailers and streaming sites.

The Corona Diaries
is out now! This engaging set of new music will stimulate your mood! CLICK HERE


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Happy New Year

Louis Balestier

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Louis has performed with local Northern California bands including, Perfect Plan, Waves Of Life, Redwings, Black Velvet, Alpha And Omega, Ebenezer, and Los Cochinos. He also appeared as a solo artist who at one time, performed at St. Petersburg's Romanov Theatre in Russia. His singing, songwriting and music also caused him to travel to Germany, Spain, Finland, London, Mexico and other locations.

Tom Landry Music

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Tom Landry Music
January 18, 2019
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Louis Balestier