Miss Kristin, One World, Rendezvous, Vol II, Kristin, Kristen, Pedderson
One World Rendezvous Vol II (CD)
August 21, 2021
One World Rendezvous, Cover Art, Miss Kristin
Miss Kristin – One World Rendezvous Vol I (CD)
August 21, 2021
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Tony Andrews – Whatever Makes You Happy (CD)


Whatever Makes You Happy
Turn Me On
Hey Mama
One Life (Live it) 
Crazy Little Dancer
Mother Nature's Feelin Cursed  
Little Angel
Kelly Ann
Rock n Roll 
With You

Physical CD Purchase.  Determined to keep the artistic flames burning, Tony wrote “Whatever Makes You Happy” as if it were a small road map to help people remember a few home truths… “We all need love, it’s just a natural thing; Gotta let some out… Gotta let some in… Gotta LET LOVE do what it does.”


UPC 5059741143649

1 Whatever Makes You Happy 3:46
2 Turn Me On 3:15
3 Feel 4:14
4 Hey Mamma 3:42
5 One Life (Live It) 4:53
6 Crazy Little Dancer 2:37
7 Deeper 3:39
8 Mother Natures Feelin Cursed 4:20
9 Little Angel 3:26
10 Kelly Ann 3:25
11 Rock n Roll 3:29
12 With You 3:37