Artists To Watch 2016


When Jessica Leia is in the house, people notice.   Jessica has a three octave vocal range and offers her own brand of music that comprises a handful of sass with a whole lot of smiles. She beckons fans along a wild ride, imparting her one of a kind original music. Jessica confidently moves from mic, to the guitar, to the keys when performing.

The songs on their own are enough to make people stand up and take notice.  Coupled with her intimate feisty performances, Jessica Leia is a consummate performer, and artist. Jessica’s style is a fusion of genres, with strong elements of Blues, Rock, Funk and Americana. Her sound is best described as “Rock-icana Pop”. Big Fuss Records is pleased to have Jessica on board as an Artist To Watch in 2016 for her single, “My Way”.


Matt Lande grew up in a small Florida town. He found his first ticket out slinging a guitar for the band StorySide: B who signed to Gotee/EMI. Lande co-wrote the title track to the band’s first album, called “Everything and More” which was a hit on Christian charts. StorySide: B was booked by William Morris and toured the US extensively to support their debut; opening for acts such as Paramore, Red and Jars Of Clay.


Lande followed his dream to L.A. where he signed an indie deal and released his Stories From Yesterday LP in 2010, under the band name Heaven Is Where.  Quickly realizing this was the wrong name for a non-Christian rock band, Lande began performing his material under his own name; releasing the Welcome Home Child LP in 2012 and the acoustic EP DarkStar, later that year. Matt Lande was selected as an Artist to Watch in 2016, for his single Echo. The track showcases enormous talent.


Conway Seavey started performing in his hometown of Sterling, Alaska. For several years he played shows across the state, making a name for himself in the local scene.

Inspired by Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Train, Conway quickly became one of the larger Pop/Top 40 artists in Alaska.

In 2010 he won the Great Alaska Vocal Competition, and later won Alaska’s Got Talent in 2013. Conway began releasing original songs in the summer of 2014 with his debut EP “Paradox.” He has played major festivals and venues in Alaska, including Salmonstock, Warped Tour, Taproot, Progress Days and The Alaska State Fair. Conway has been selected as an Artist to Watch in 2016 for his single “Wrong”. Conway formed a project with Ben Sayers (Bass) and Alex Nisler (Drums).The band debut their first single, “Wrong” statewide on KTUU Channel 2 in July, and have been performing together since. They describe themselves as a “Rock band playing Pop/Top 40 music”.


Olivia Shafique grew up in Staines in the United Kingdom, and is the daughter of nightclub owner parents. Her love of music started from a very young age, when her family relocated to Spain. From an early start, when Olivia was only two years old, and she began school, she realized she had a passion for performing.

Olivia Shafique attended stage coach from the age of six and played various main roles in musicals throughout her school years. As Olivia was beginning secondary school, the family decided to move back to the UK, where Olivia Shafique would study drama, prior to eventually attending the Italia Conti in London, where she studied singing and found a passion for song writing. Around this time, Olivia Shafique was invited to sing at dinner service in a five star hotel, for two summer seasons at Nikki Beach in Spain.

Olivia’s exciting career path is expanding, and 2016 finds her busy recording new exciting tracks. Olivia Shafique has already been getting great press in the UK from her single “My Music”. The track has been well loved where ever the song has been steamed or performed and Big Fuss Records is thrilled to have Olivia and “My Music” on board as an “Artist to Watch” in 2016. It’s a exciting future for Olivia Shafique, and we look forward to hearing more from the talented songstress in order to experience firsthand what is coming next from this talented singer/songwriter.


Sonny Hunter is a solo artist, lead singer/songwriter and guitarist from Houston Texas/USA.  His canvas is bold yet nontraditional and compared to a new millennium Billy Idol.

Sonny is gaining mass followers with online radio and is currently being played in rotation on well established internet radio stations from Canada, UK, Boston, Ohio, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Big Fuss Records selected the single “Anxious”, by Sonny Hunter, which is a featured single on his 2016 pre-release; “Truth Teller”. Big Fuss Records is pleased to have Sonny on board for our 2016 Artists To Watch compilation, showcasing the best new Artists To Watch on the planet. Look for it in stores worldwide March 2016.

KRISTIN PEDDERSON Recording Artist Miss Kristin Pedderson

Kristin Pedderson’s catalog is comprised of nearly 2000 songs that are the expressions of a poet and a sage on purpose. Her unique vocal style and delivery is often likened to a warm breeze that soothes the soul through places roamed. Miss Kristin Pedderson lyrics profile and embrace a vast account of life experience and hope; waking the bliss, hidden truths, and sometimes the hurts. Her recent single “Good Luck-Be Good” is heartstring player; where Kristin expresses honest goodwill in separating a romantic love not growing in the same direction. Kristin is an Artist to Watch for 2016, as she enters back in the studio to complete her next full length project.


Birds Over Arkansas has influences which span from Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel, and Frank Zappa to Americana artists such as; The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, and Iron & Wine. The group was formed in 2011. The band consists of Scott Haskitt (guitar, lead vocals), Laura Hartshorn (keyboards, vocals), John Mondick (guitar, vocals), Ryan Berg (drums), and Chico Huff (bass).

The eclectic musical group, are often described as Americana and quirky Americana Progressive rockers, who present upbeat and harmonic original offerings. The group was selected as “Artists to Watch” for 2016, for their mesmerizing new single, “Forgotten Lights”.



Byron O’ is a Rap R&B artist from Central South Carolina. Byron’s name comes from his ancestors; Byron Oberian Wimphrie. He is compared to artists J.Cole, Drake, and Lecrae. Byron has a wealth of inspirational music flowing through his being and this gifted artist is on track to complete his second album titled “The Story of Love Chapter 2” in 2016. Byron O’s single “I Need Your Love” is a powerful dance style favorite that is uplifting and addicting. Big Fuss Records is pleased to include Byron O as an Artist to Watch in 2016, where the composer creates music from personal experience.

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