Artists To Watch 2014

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Artists To Watch 2014

Big Fuss Records is committed to great new music and we feel these music artists are important for you to hear.  We believe you will appreciate their outstanding songwriting talents. The Artist To Watch 2014 compilation is available here and you can find the dynamic selection at iTunes and Amazon.Com as well as your favorite online retailer. Bookmark this page and visit often to listen at your leisure.

At Big Fuss Records Inc. we love great music.
We are proud to introduce our list of Artists To Watch for 2014.

Transparent-750Big Fuss Records welcomes ARTIST TO WATCH – TRANSPARENT for the 2014 season. Transparent is the new voice of sincerity for Christian Hip Hop.

Transparent brings both honesty and revealing maturity to his one of a kind sound that reflects his personal struggles and trials. He raps from his heart and guides the listener on to a journey that illustrates his challenges in his walk with God. Drawing from his own experiences his intent is to be free in his expression before God and whoever comes across his path.

Transparent is Andrew Kaufmann. He graduated Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA in 2005. Following his graduation Transparent spent time overseas on missions in the Philippines, China, and Hawaii. Infused with a variety of genres that range from Jazz to Chilled Funk Transparent strives to think and create outside of the box.

Tori Martin has a big voice with an undeniable Country music presence. ToriTori Martin Artist To Watch 2014 has recently been selected and added to Big Fuss Records roster as an “Artist To Watch” for 2014 in favor of her single “Restless Soul”.

Tori Martin’s rich vocal clarity can squeeze coal into diamonds. She stands out among the fray of upcoming Country artists in the stampede for center stage with unadulterated vocals and songwriting that can light a fire under the coldest heart.

In addition to the Big Fuss Records “Artist To Watch” selection, the small town Tori Martin was recently named “New Female Vocalist of the Year” in the Big Star 97 Music Awards. Local fans know that when Tori Martin performs; they can expect to be entertained. Her band came in second place in 95.9’s “Ranch Factor” 2013, and she was Texas state winner in the Texaco Country Showdown “Best Undiscovered Talent in the Nation” last year.  Tori Martin has been compared to and embraced by fans of Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Adele, and the band Perry.

CondorCondor is a Dutch songwriter who grew up in South Africa where he fell in love with music. He moved to California to pursue his songwriting dreams further, and has been writing and producing his own style of soft punk rock music. He has four studio albums to date of original songwriting.Condor was selected as an Artist To Watch for 2014 because of his unique songwriting gift. He has the ability to compose the catchiest tunes with great simplicity. Recently, his original songs, “Down The Highway” and “Summertime Rock” were so well received at Big Fuss, they were recorded and released by Miss Kristin.

Condor’s persevering spirit, songwriting talent and drive is what sets him apart as an “Artist To Watch” for 2014 at Big Fuss Records. We believe Condor will be creating great songs for years to come. He is a one of a kind songwriter with a style all his own.

Vertical Valley MusicVertical Valley is a talented band of Folk-Rock musicians from Bogota, Colombia.  Big Fuss Records is proud to introduce them as a Artist To Watch for 2014. We welcome the group and their contagious original track “Ride On” as a fitting addition to the other featured artists that will be rounding out the compilation and benefit from the Big Fuss Records artist promotion for 2014.
Vertical Valley is led by composer Camille el Donado and singer-songwriter Camille Donado. The group is working on their new album titled, “The Rest Of Your Life”. Vertical Valley is preparing many new appearances and shows for the upcoming album release, and presently readying their first video for 2014.

Big Fuss is proud to welcome Steve DeMott as an Artist To Watch for 2014. Steve is a creative thinker; a musician and songwriter who penned his first song in 1985. He studied music production and engineering while majoring in composition and contemporary writing at Berklee College of Music. Steve DeMott further shaped and honed his song writing skills with the help of the Berklee Music writing department faculty, particularly Pat Pattison, Jon Aldrich and Jack Pericone.

Steve has been recording since 1988 and writes songs and composes scores for television, video and film and operates under the business name Fountain Pen Music. Steve’s rich deep vocal style is compelling and exclusive. His single “Give Up Tomorrow” was selected for the Artists To Watch 2014 compilation for its timeless folk fashion that features warm acoustic guitar and female background vocals reminiscent of early music such as Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens.

Aside from being a skilled engineer and talented composer Steve is a consummate musician. This experience is what allows him to be versatile in his work. With a reputation for outstanding quality he strives for perfection in every project he undertakes, no matter how big or small.


Big Fuss Records is proud to welcome Claudette “Cee” Schlitter as anClaudette-SchlitterArtist To Watch for 2014 with her song “You Make Me Smile”.

Claudette is a well-known singer/songwriter and author from Birmingham in the United Kingdom.  Claudette discovered her voice in church and has been singing from childhood. She has always found great joy in ministering to the lost and the lonely and draws greatly on her life experiences so that she can help others find peace with God and with themselves.

Claudette’s testimony is powerful and inspirational and can be heard through every lyric in her music. She writes from her heart and in every song there is a story. In concerts and live performance, people are touched not only by her mezzo soprano, dynamic and passionate voice but by the story of a life touched by the hand of God.

StonefeatherStonefeather is Ian Mcculloch (guitar) Eric Fortier (Bass) and Dave Rundell (drums). Their new single “Unlock Your Heart” was chosen for its engaging originality as a song of love and rebellion.

Stonefeather’s sound is best described as a mixture of Jimi Hendrix, Gary Clark Jr. and Nirvana. Stonefeather is currently playing the Los Angeles music scene and are setting up tours to South by Southwest in 2014 as well as the West Coast with sights on a summer tour.

Stonefeather has been creating brilliant rock music for some time, and the bands sixth album is set to be recorded February 2014. Their new music video for their latest single “Unlock Your Heart” is due January 2014.

Big Fuss Records is proud to welcome award winning Christian pop singer, Shauni Williamssongwriter and pianist, Shauni Williams as the next Artist To Watch for 2014.

Shauni Williams has been creating music since the age of five. She grew up touring in a gospel singing family, where she won a national talent competition, and studied classical piano music which helped her become the rising artist she is today.

Shauni’s influences include Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, and Whitney Houston. In the last few years, she has enjoyed co-writes with Grant Williams as Eleventh Hour Messengers and has been growing a solid fan base along the way with multiple recognition’s such as: Winner of Best Song – Akademia Music Awards for “We Walk Together”, Contemporary Christian Category 2013 – Winner 2011 Best Contemporary Christian – Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Nominee for 2013, 2012, and 2010 – Radio Marketing Sponsorship Step 3 Entertainment LLC

The music of Wesley Woo has been described by many names. 

Wesley Woo is a San Wesley WooFrancisco based singer songwriter who writes his own unique style of music and songs in the vein of John Mayer, Matt Wertz, Eric Hutchinson, Dave Matthews Band, and Andy McKee.  His acoustic pop and country style is regarded as sexy country music; that is not your grandma’s country music.

Wesley Woo is mesmerizing audiences with his single “Fall Again”.  Big Fuss Records is pleased to present Wesley Woo as a featured Artist To Watch for 2014.

Wesley Woo was the winner of West Coast Songwriter’s SF 2013 Song of the Year with his single “Stay”. Wesley’s CD “Do Re Mi”is set for release April 4th at the lost church in SF.

Big Fuss Records Artist To Watch Patrick Ahearn.


Patrick K. Ahern began playing music at an early age.  He started his first band with his buddies called EXIT and later started a punk band called STD in which he played bass.

Patrick’s original song, “When Your Eyes Shine” is a heartfelt easy rocker that is being featured on the Artist To Watch compilation for 2014.

At the age of 18 Patrick was in a bad motorcycle accident. His injuries were severe and took him away from music. As a young adult he began writing songs inspired by his life experiences.

Patrick’s musical range varies from rock, acoustic rock, to rock ballads. He recorded a two song Christmas album for an Irish Homeless Charity released in 2008. He has been awarded several awards over the last three years in the the well known “UK Songwriting Competition” and others. Patrick has completed two full albums the 1st” STRANGE TOWN” recorded in his home town of Cork in 2010 and the 2nd “FADE AWAY” in  2012 recorded in Los Angeles.

In 2012 Patrick finished and released his 2nd CD “Fade Away” recorded in Los Angeles with Producer Mikal Reid who’s credits include Ben Harper, Aerosmith, Jessie McCartney, Suzie McNeil, Colin Armstrong and many more.

In 2012 Patrick’s song “American Dream” aired on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” Episode “Who Can Say Its True”(Bar Scene) during the shows last few episodes.

Most recently “Fade Away” and “When We Were Young” from Patrick’s CD “Fade Away” were placed in independent film “The Vein Within” currently being released.

Patrick continues to write and record regularly in Los Angeles. We are pleased to have him on board and feature his single “When Your Eyes Shine”  on Artists To Wa