Artists To Watch 2013


Miss Kristin

Miss Kristin featuring her original track “Sugar Baby”, produced with Mr. Billy Hyatt !

Miss Kristin has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Miss Kristin alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer,writer, producer.

Billy Hyatt 

Billy Hyatt’s Music experience is a culmination of more than two decades of artistic musical expression. With favorite influences such as Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Prince, P.Diddy, Biggie and even The Monkees, from punk to funk Billy Hyatt’s personal music style is an eclectic mix. His writing style is open and varied.  He is known to creatively implement songs styles that include rock, soul, gospel, acoustic, funk, and blues. We are pleased to present his excellent track “You Don’t Waste No Time” on Artists To Watch 2013.


Gavin Knox-Grant

The day after Gavin Knox-Grant was born; he was on the front page of the Star, a  leading newspaper in South Africa. His parents were icons of the golden age of South African television. Dorianne Berry and Robin Knox-Grant were household names. So having grown up with international superstars coming to his house for dinner and regular magazine appearances, Gavin naturally became pretty comfortable with being in the public eye. Gavin started piano lessons at six, and picked up the trumpet at nine. By fifteen he was working in small jazz bands, and performing in some high profile theatre productions. He went on to study Jazz formally at the University of Cape Town, and by 19 was a full time trumpet player called in to play everything from Opera and Classical, to Blues Jazz and Dance music. He started to play guitar and write and sing songs… we are pleased to feature his single “Over My Shoulder” on Artists To Watch 2013.


Dancer, singer, songwriter Shamiah has the talent, the looks and a resolving voice with tone that soars. Big Fuss Records Inc., is pleased to introduce you to this artist who performs the composition of songwriting pro enthusiast Maurice Carmon, for  ARTISTS TO WATCH 2013.  Shamiah, was raised in Jackson, Tennessee, and was not a stranger to the sounds of music. She was raised among the beats of artists like Aliyah and Lisa Left Eyes.


Michelle Pollace

We are thrilled to have the talented Michelle Pollace on Artists To Watch 2013!  Michelle is a performing musician, composer, and music-book author. Her original arrangements of Jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban standards are always fresh, and her compositions honor the roots of the music at the same time adding a new voice. Her debut CD, New Beginning, features an all-star lineup.  Stay tuned for much more to come from Michelle Pollace.


Alexandra Legouix & The Sunflowers

We are happy to introduce to you our next featured
You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all about Alexandra’s stunning looks or her sultry, sexy voice. It is, but it’s also about the clever, witty lyrics, the memorable melodies and the latin/jazz flavored arrangements from The Sunflowers!


 Gyasi Ross

Gyasi Ross, pronounced (Jah-see) has become an accomplished Acoustic-Hip Hop guitarist, singer/song writer who has earned his degree in Jazz Guitar and World Music from San Francisco State University.

His first solo acoustic album, “By Any Means” is an insightful journey through struggle and love. Believing that music is his therapy, Gyasi loves to create.




Clockwork Betty

is composed of hard working and passionate musicians with an intriguing style and sound that everyone can listen to and enjoy. We are thrilled to have the group included in the compilation. Kayla Meyer is the drummer and Liz Jarvis, the singer.


Jennifer Lang

Next, we are proud to introduce the amazing Jennifer  Lang.  The meaningful musical heart, of Jennifer Lang presents soulful, heartfelt, sultry and thought provoking original music inspired by spirit. The New York-based singer/songwriter was raised in church singing with an appropriately titled family act “The Lang Family.” Jennifer’s introduction to music and public performing started at eight years old. She was a member of her church choir and sang in the school choir through high school. We are very excited to have her on board “ARTISTS TO WATCH 2013“.



Bobby Bofman

is a stellar and talented musical artist.  He is a  singer/writer with a passion for telling stories using lyrics and melodies in a folk Americana style.  We are excited to feature his original song, “Bad Memory” on  “Artists To Watch 2013” . His new  original album is available now at his home page.