The Importance of Promoting Your Music Effectively
March 2, 2018

10 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

Music Promotion 101

Stand Out From The Crowd By Being A Professional Artist

The music industry is a competitive one. With the likes of social media, YouTube and reality TV shows, it seems there are more ways than ever to “get famous quick” and there is almost a whole generation of musicians who have been discovered this way. As much as it’s still the dream for talent and work to be discovered online, nothing substitutes hard work and professionalism, and this can be achieved with the help of professional representation.

Practice and rehearse like a pro

Be mindful of the difference between practice and rehearsal. Practice is proven to help you to improve; you should be fully familiar with your songs before you go into rehearsal. Rehearsals are where you perform together as if you were in the studio or live, to fine tune the song’s delivery.

Before you go into the studio, you and your band will have spent hours practicing. To really get that professional quality to your work, audio record your rehearsal sessions. You should do this with computer recording software so that each instrument and vocals are picked up individually. Then listen back, critically, to your performance so that you can hone and improve your performance.

Make a plan and stick to it

Whether you are a solo artist or a group, you need to have realistic goals and means by which you can accomplish them. Focus on short- term goals initially and create plans for each one to help you reach success: Create a practice schedule.  Agree on how many new songs you want to perfect. Increase your fan-base via social media and develop a strategy for this. Perform your first gig.

If you truly want to be a successful musician, it isn’t enough to be a great studio recording artist; you have to know how to put on a show. Fans and audiences are more frequently opting for experiences, and as any great musician can tell you, live gigs require a lot of planning; you should think about the size of your audience and a venue that would be an appropriate match. You will need to promote your gig and sell tickets. To make the whole process smooth and slick, you can enlist the assistance of a professional online platform to help manage and promote ticket sales – and also reach out to a wider audience.

Give the right impression

How you promote yourself is an extension of your work. For some of your audience, this will be their very first impression of you. Take the initiative to invest time (and money) into a professional website. It will give you control over what you choose to promote, as well as housing all of your social media under one-roof, acting like a one-stop-shop for fans.

Similarly, behaving in a professional manner will have a positive impact on the impression you make. Your music is your business, so behave like it is: Put in the practice and rehearsal time. Turn up to rehearsals, auditions, studio sessions and events early. Look after your equipment. Respond to emails politely and efficiently. Keep your website and social media active and updated. Dress well.

Adopting a professional mindset and approach to your work will have a positive impact on your success. Keep in mind that hard work will pay off, as long as you remember to have some fun along the way.